5 Tips on how to create engaging content

Think of which account that you interact with the most on social media, and what makes you do it. It’s the core of social media nowadays “ENGAGEMENTS”.

The average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 145 minutes per day. What if these billions are part of your business? Don’t miss the chance, and start generating content for them.

Your content strategy should start from these 5 tips

  1. Know who you are writing for:

Always start from your audience, their age, gender, thoughts, pain points, even what they are thinking of late night. As your content is basically for them so it should reflect their soul.

  •  Be direct to the point:

The clear, simple, and concise idea is always closer to the audience. The direct attitude also let the audience know that you respect their time.

  • Use visuals:

Photos, videos, and info graphs those types and more get your readers hooked easier. As you don’t have to write 1000 words to express your idea but one photo can convey your thoughts much easier.

  • Be organized:

Organizing your content with headers and sub-headers will let them understand the core of the content. Using lists and numbering will help you too.

  • Let your soul shine through your content:

This will differentiate your content, and get the audience more engaged with your brand.

Keeping up on track with your audience will increase your profitability and guarantee you a loyal costumer. To put it down you need more and more professional tips. And simply this what we can offer you with no hassle in THE PORTAL agency.

If it sparks your interest, or you have any questions, contact us for our marketing services.

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