Best ways to handle customer complaints

During running your business efficiently and trying to improve your customers’ experience, at some point you will face unhappy customers.

Consider that only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers makes a complaint to the company, and an unhappy customer will tell about 15 people about their bad experience, due to researches. Here, your chance to handle the issue is poor but still important to your business’ growth.

When asking consumers what impacts their level of trust with a company, offering excellent customer service ranked number one.

If you are still confused about why customer service is so crucially important

Follow these tips to set your policy of handling complaints:

1 – Listen to the complaint and ensure that you understand the details of the problem.

2 – Discuss options for fixing the problem. Ask the customer what response they are seeking; it could be a repair, replacement, refund, or apology. Decide if the request is reasonable.

3 – Act quickly to avoid escalation. Stand with your promises to customers. These make them more satisfied with your service.

4 – Follow up. Contact the customer to find out if they were satisfied with how their complaint was handled. Let them know what you are doing to avoid the problem in the future.

5 – Make sure your staff is trained to follow your policy when handling complaints and that they have the power to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

However, you followed those tips, you should ensure that the steps of making a complaint are clear to your customers. Definitely, it’s so important to let your customers know that you appreciate their feedback, and handle it constructively.

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