Do you really need a website anymore?!

A lot of people think a website is unnecessary today due to social media.

People incorrectly assume they can market and grow their business online using only social media channels.

Social media channels are great for building awareness for your company, products and services but they are only one piece of the entire vehicle.

Awareness is merely the first stage of your marketing efforts and must be supplemented with lead capture, nurturing and calls to action to turn that attention from social into customers.

Think of the various social media channels as the wheels of your vehicle. They are important pieces of the vehicle but useless on their own.

Your website is your vehicle.

Every marketing channel and strategy should tie back to your website for one reason:

You own your website and can control the path your visitors take.

Want to collect leads? Set up email marketing opt-ins on your website and filter them off to your CRM.

Want to educate your audience? Write epic blog posts, with embedded videos, checklists and audio to be wherever is most convenient for your audience.

Want to pull free traffic off the internet? Perform SEO on your content and get it optimized to rank.

So in short, yes you definitely still need a website today.

I would argue a website is more important than ever due to all the available marketing channels and strategies available to you and your business today.

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