Google merchant center integration

All the products you see when you do a Google shopping search have been uploaded using the Google Merchant Center.

According to google statics 400% Growth in online Shopping revenue the last two years.

Google merchant center is really a very valuable tool for your online store. As its main role is to let you meticulously run your campaign and manage your appearance across all Google E-commerce products and make changes to your online listings as needed.

How Google merchant will increase your sales rate

It will help your customers find more information about your products. Plus, they will find it more quickly and in more places. As it depending on uploading and maintain product information, including pictures and pricing, to be displayed in relevant Google shopping searches.

Google merchant is considered as the secret hero of marketing for E-commerce but it also have some disadvantages came from trying to be very accurate specially in customizing shopping ads process.

You must sometimes meet some of Google merchant center’s very technical specifications for your products flow. In addition, to send your products flow it is essential to prepare your catalogue in a specific format (XML, CSV or TXT), an operation that requires technical skills.

The key of success in Google merchant is to take time to optimize your use professionally. And this could be true by the easy and saving time way through depending on a professional agency that could help you get the best performance for your business. If this sparks your interest, please start contacting us (The portal agency) for our marketing services.

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