How Apple’s iOS 14 Release May Affect Your Ads and Reporting

In an online world, your business will affect by every update or any new step. After Apple’s iOS 14 Release the world of ads will change.

For businesses that advertise mobile apps, as well as those that optimize, target audience, and report on web conversion events will be a huge change.

Apple’s new policy will prohibit certain data collection, and sharing unless people allow tracking on iOS 14 devices. This will affect the advertisers directly by limiting campaigns customization, and reduced tracking capabilities.

This major privacy initiative means that the percentage of iPhone users sharing their information for Advertisers to deliver personalized ads will drop from 70% to as low as 10%.

 This update has additional limitations as once your campaign is published, you’ll have to turn off or delete your campaign. Also, you can only associate your app with a single ad account. However, you can use the same ad account to advertise for multiple apps.

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