Importance of Google shopping ads for e-commerce

Google Shopping ads are one of the best tools for online stores marketing. In Google Shopping, e-Commerce retailers advertise products directly on the search engine visually and offer key information of each product to help customers convert easier and more reliably.

Research on ad performance shows campaigns that use Google Shopping ads have a significantly 30% higher conversion rates on desktops and 21% higher conversion on mobile. As a result, Shopping campaigns save you money while still increasing traffic to your store.

What differentiates Google shopping ads from regular Google ads…

This is the main point here, as Google shopping ads offers so many advantages and promising chances for your business with decreased costs and no more irritation.

  • Visibility: When normal search google ads can offer only 2 positions for the advertiser in mobile, Google Shopping ads offers 20 ad positions in the carousel. In addition showing up in a variety of places, including the shopping tab on Google Search, Google Images, Google Search Partner websites and Across the Google Display Network, which includes YouTube and Gmail.

This option could be like magic for your business, as Google shopping ads are more visually appealing as they include the product images which be more convenient for your customers.

  • Automation: This option will make your business marketing like piece of cake. As Google shopping ads automatically matches relevant products to relevant keywords to match search queries. It will save time and make campaign managing easier.
  • Higher CTR (Click through rate) optimization: Because the ads serve customers that are at the end of the funnel and are most likely ready to purchase your product.

Your business’ success with Google shopping ads is about targeting the right customers at the right time. And it can have affect positively your return on ad spend and increase your overall return on investments across your business.

In E-Commerce advertising the key is to keep track of spending and results at all times. By being on top of your results and optimizing them, you will achieve profitability with google shopping ads. And this what we can offer you professionally in THE PORTAL agency by our brilliant team. If this sparks your interest, please start contacting us for our services.

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