ISBR APP (Masjid Mosab Bin Umair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)

This is a brief description of the significant role that Masjid Mosab Bin Umair plays as one of the most famous Islamic Centers in the US play.

Masjid Mosab Bin Umair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is considered one of the biggest and most prominent Islamic centers, not only in New York, but also in the whole country. Numerous books will be needed to write down the history and achievements of this influential masjid. As well as its role in outreach to non-Muslims individuals, organizations, politicians and activists in this society.

Masjid Mosab Bin Umair (also known as The Islamic Society of Bay Ridge [ISBR]) is the spring of all Islamic activities in the area.  Most Islamic centers and organizations in the area are either the offspring of ISBR or have followed in the footsteps of it.

Throughout its history, ISBR has been honored with a series of prominent Imams, who have served it in a way that -we believe- no other masjid or organization has witnessed; with all due respect to the other Imams, masjids and Islamic Centers. Furthermore, ISBR was blessed with a recipe that is rarely found in any other center.

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Masjid Mosab Bin Umair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn