Madar Emirates for Building Materials Website

Madar Emirates for Building Materials was established in 2004 to expand Al Fozan Group’s (KSA) building materials business across the Middle East. The company is one of the leading traders of building materials in the UAE with a wide range of products such as Softwood, Hardwood, Engineered Wood, Cement, Reinforcement Steel, and Structural Steel.

We cooperate with Madar to step up with their services to the digital world. So, we take the role of developing a professional website. This step was very essential for the company in that period to align with the new market needs. We created every button or page to support the user journey in each stage with a kind of trust in the brand and products. Hence, the reviews and the product details were a main part of the convincing process to highlight the unique selling point of the building materials in Madar.



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Madar Emirates for Building Materials