SEO VS. Content Marketing

Some people suppose that content marketing eliminates the need for SEO, but how can content marketing override SEO completely? when the only way to have a successful content marketing is to have SEO? How can you split the two apart like that?

Careful marketers have observed the disconnect, and are trying to point out that SEO and content marketing go together.

This mistake still persists.

It’s not as if SEO and content marketing are two different people. To borrow the same figure, SEO and content marketing are actually two personalities of the same person.

The problem, then, lies in the disconnect between SEO and content marketing.

The Truth: SEO and content marketing are overlap

Differences between SEO and content marketing:

  • SEO is narrower, and more technical.
  • Content marketing is broader and more holistic.


Note: while they have points of differentiation, you still can’t separate the two entirely because they’re depend on each other.

  • The way to apply SEO in a broader way is to channel its specific technical endeavors into content marketing.
  • Conversely, the only way to ensure the success of content marketing is to apply SEO techniques in its implementation.


For example: SEO states the requirements and Content marketing fulfills them.

And what is content marketing all about? It’s about content. The practical application of SEO (content) is the very substance of content marketing.

Example of how SEO and content marketing work together:

No one would argue that a fundamental component of SEO is keywords — researching them, utilizing them, and tracking your ranking of them in the SERPs.

How does one apply the use of keywords? How is all the research converted to its practical application?

It’s called content marketing. The only way you can use your keywords is to be employing them strategically throughout your content. Content marketing consists of top-notch content, written for humans, and using the keywords that you’re targeting. All together.

At the end, Your SEO campaign will fail unless you integrate content marketing. Your content marketing campaign will fail unless you integrate SEO.

You’re not an SEO, unless you’re also a content marketer. You’re not a content marketer, unless you’re also an SEO.

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