Starting your online business needs a solid base to rely on. This base will be the platform that you will publish your online store on. In a world of thousands platforms to use, which one is the best?

In fact the answer is related to your business’ needs to get an online store created just the way you want. Gaining high ranking among your customers rely on many factors. But the most important one is the time your website takes in loading and the design of your website.

Due to analytics 21% of all the online customers are known to abandon your online store or market-place if your website loads too slowly or is heavy.

Your decision is getting harder. So here is a comparison between the best 2 platforms to use: SHOPIFY and WOO Commerce.

Before comparing, let us go through a quick overview of what Woo Commerce and Shopify are.

Woo Commerce: It is a WordPress plugin which adds several e-commerce features to a WordPress website. All the features like inventory management, product pages, shopping cart, payment, shipping etc.

Shopify: is a one-stop solution for building online stores. It helps you build an online store from scratch even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. From physical products, digital downloads, drop-shipping, to even services; you can sell many different types of products with Shopify.

  1. Features & themes: you can find thousands of free themes for your store. Woo Commerce allows you more customized & flexible options as it’s an open-source platform. But Shopify offers more built-in features and more importantly, doesn’t really require you to have any technical knowledge and the themes here are more polished and professional.
  2. Ease of use: One of the biggest reasons why Woo Commerce and Shopify are so popular is because they both are very easy to use. But Woo Commerce as a word press plugin, there are a few additional steps that you will have to take in order to start using it.
  3. Payment methods: Both the platforms allow you to choose from more than 100 payment options. For Shopify there is a 2% fee with the basic plan of Shopify. On the other hand Woo Commerce is a free plugin but you will be required to pay for a domain, hosting, and other features that your store might need. And Shopify offers these features for free.

So, if you believe that your online store will sell products in large quantities, Woo Commerce will be a cheaper option.

  • SEO: you will have to work on SEO so that more customers are able to find your store through search engine like Google. Shopify & Woo Commerce has some great free and paid SEO tools. Shopify stores are known to be faster which is an important aspect of SEO.

Eventually the comparison is about what suits your needs and the best option for your case. You can have a free trial to both of them for a specified period. And figure out your store’s future.

But your business will be safer in experienced professional hands with no risk of trying. This will ensure that you always have professional developers that you can rely upon for the success of your online store.

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