The power of Branding

It’s Not just a name! Your brand is the personality and promise of your company. Branding is much more than establishing an icon or choose colors! it creates the face and voice of your company.

So, the first thing you need to is to have your own and unique identity which calls in business branding or corporate identity. It reflects your business and your services with a unique style, catchy colors that will stand and remain in people’s minds.  Nowadays, it’s very clear that you have to stand for something if you want to remain standing.                           

 Creating a Brand Brain Trust is a very good idea for any company that is focused on protecting and nurturing goodwill and its market capitalization.                                                                                                                                                   

Brands positioned with our community in mind are often perceived as extensions of our own personas, in sync with how we define ourselves today and who we aspire to be.

It’s your opportunity to make an impression on your target audience. You can start with visual appeal. Your identity needs to be different and attractive. Your brand needs visual performance to provide a look and feel that sound with your audience. If your visual identity consists of a logo and a couple of stock images, it’s maybe dismissed. 

Your brand identity is like your personal or individual identity has many subtle and small differences that shape its look and feel. Your logo, image style, typography, color palette, and graphic elements individually have their own characteristics. 

Portal Agency provide you with this service, tailoring your own identity in a unique and creative way

An agency that already tailored many identities. view examples for our Branding projects and logo designs.

Portal agency offers you a logo that:

  • Get noticed
  • Become memorable
  • Define your market and/or competitive benefit
  • Evolve with changing technology and styles

Portal Agency defines that the real value of a logo is not just the final artwork, but also the unique research, brainstorming sessions, and development of a variety of ideas and approaches necessary to create a successful logo design.

At Portal Agency we understand that firms do not have a kind of long timeframe or budget to create a uniquely branded logo. Our logo design process usually takes about two weeks to create and convey an image for a new client representing their philosophy, products, and/or services.

Moreover, every single logo developed by our designers is based on the philosophy your company stands for, your industry, and even your regional or national competitors.

Want to learn more or discuss your branding project? Want to make your unique and tailored identity? Call us at these Numbers or request a quote.

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