Tips on how to best interact with your team members

What makes your company less productive?

You may have a perfect website, high-quality product, built a suitable marketing strategy but still unproductive.

Maybe the solution is a better connection with your team.

A 5% increase in employee retention can generate a 25% to 85% increase in profitability.

You need these tips to interact better with your team.

  • break the ice with your team:

Good connection starts with a nice hello and good morning. Those simple words play the main role to have warmer connections among the team. It will reflect positively on their work & productiveness.

  • Be clear about each member’s tasks:

Make sure that each team member is clear about exactly what is expected of them. Your team needs to know the scope of the project.

  • Add clear deadline:

Attaching deadlines to your instructions will improve the quality of tasks. It also clarifies the urgency of the request.

  • Spark innovative ideas:

The process of brainstorming and each team member feel free to share their ideas. All of this will improve the productiveness of your team. As every mind is totally different from the other and has a unique point to add.

  • Point out individual strengths and use them well:

A team member who feels valued is a team member willing to go above and beyond for the company. You should know that every mind in your team prefers to communicate in a different way like mails, face-to-face meetings, or phone calls. Once you appreciate this point you will get a better team connection.

Improving and navigating team communication isn’t always easy but it’s really worth it. Share these tips with your team and start to interact positively. If it sparks your interest, or you have any other questions, we can offer you our business consulting and marketing services.

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