Top Ecommerce Platforms in Egyptian Market

Imagine that you have more than 31 million consumers are waiting your product. How your expected growth rate and profit would be.

It’s not just fantasy, this picture is reality in EGYPT.

Due to statics there are more than 31 million Internet users in Egypt.

Egypt is considered as the 48th largest market for e-Commerce with a revenue of US$4 billion in 2020.

All of this is a golden chance for E-COMMERCE platforms which have intense competition.

The biggest player in the Egyptian E-COMMERCE Market is SOUQ.COM. The store had a revenue of US$116 million in 2020. Behind SOUQ.COM there are many competitors like          OLX.COM, JUMIA, and NOON EGYPT.

The competition heated up after the grand merging of SOUQ.COM & the international player AMAZON. This great entry will be beneficial for the Egyptian market in several aspects. But the biggest beneficiary here is the Egyptian consumer.

In light of this expansion in the Egyptian market, with statics that tell that 34% of the Egyptian population have bought at least one product online in 2020. There is a sparkling idea in your mind. Yes this is a big chance for your business to start online. But to start with stable steps you need a professional team to rely on. And this what we can offer you in THE PORTAL agency with an innovative team of developers.

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