What is the best E-COMMERCE platform for medium businesses?

The best deal is what everyone tries to get from your shopping in the grocery to the largest companies in the global economy.

In a survey conducted recently, 71% of customers said they believed that they get better deals online than by visiting an actual store. So if you are about to start your online store, you are on the best road for your business’s future. But how to take the right step!

Being a business owner, you have many challenges reaching more customers and making sales online. Part of it is facing other challenges that involve customer service, competition, and even payment security. Using e-commerce platforms has completed these tasks more manageable for them to handle with less hassle.

An E-COMMERCE platform is a software platform that you can use to build your online storefront. And let you use tools to run the process readily.

According to statics, the global e-commerce market is expected to total $4.89 trillion in 2021. That number is expected to reach a 45.8% increase in e-commerce market share over two years. Growth is expected to continue, reaching 21.8% by 2024, which translates to an 8.2 percentage point increase in just five years.

How to choose the best platform for your business according to its size?

The answer to this big question offers you fewer risks and more sales to provide the best springboard for your business growth depends on many factors.

  • Price: As mid or small business it will be vital factor to choose platform can offer your business many essential tools, features and usability with reasonable price.
  • Performance & Speed: This factor will severely affect your relation with customers and keep them hocked to your online market.
  • Back-end tools: Those tools are essential to manage your content and everything in the website professionally.
  • Scalability: As your business aims to growth, you will need a platform that provide you with the possibility to expand without hampering your business operations.
  • Marketing options: A platform offers SEO-friendly stores where you can check your SEO scores will help your store to rank on search engines and reach more customers.
  • Payment & Shipment: your online store will need flexible payment & Shipment policies to fit your business size and customers scale.

There are a ton of platforms to set your online market like MAGENTO, SHOPIFY, WEEBLY, and OPENCART…etc. All of these platforms perform great with thousands of businesses all over the world. But each one has some advantages but no one will bring you the full professional experience of running your own online market.

You need to choose the right service provider based on your business requirements and budget to get the main points that can save you from future hassle and provide a profitable business in the long run.

And this what we can provide you within THE PORTAL agency due to our team of specialists. If this sparks your interest, please start contacting us for our services.

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