WHY IS PACKAGING DESIGN IMPORTANT and how it affects purchasing decision?

On a shelf stuffed with many similar products from different brands what attracts you to pick an exact brand.

In fact, any brand has about seven seconds to make a good impression on a potential buyer. The first impression of any brand starts from packaging. It means that sometimes the packaging is as important as the product inside.

Many research papers show that at least a third of product decision-making is based on packaging, along with personal preferences.

The first step to unify a brand and set you visually apart from customers is the right choice of colors. It reflects directly on the consumer’s emotions about your product. For example, yellow tends to convey happiness. White refers to cleanliness and simplicity. Green denotes growth and harmony and is often associated with eco-friendly products.

The quality of your packaging can play a vital role in your marketing strategy. That 52 % of online consumers say they would likely return to a business for another purchase if they receive products in premium packaging. And 40 % would share a photo of the packaging if it is interesting. With this action, they recommend it to friends who then might become customers as well.

Be green with Sustainable packing is the new way to attract more customers nowadays. So recycled or recyclable packaging are a bonus for your brand and the environment too.

Some brands use packaging in a new level of creativity in marketing. The most sparkling name here is Coca-Cola through printing consumer names on the labels even turned choosing a coke into a sort of game.

All these factors and more can be the magical power of your brand. But to use it in a positive way that reflects on your brand’s growth, you need a professional mind with clever hands.

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