Why SEO is important for E-commerce Websites

When you are about to buy any product online which will you prefer?

The website that is one of top ranking on Google, or the one that is on the second or third page of Google search.

Simply this is what happens to your targeted customer when they are about to make a purchase. And know that this situation is happening every second with every purchase decision.

49% of consumers reported that they rely on search to inform purchase decisions.

That’s why ranking high in search engines should one of your priorities as an e-commerce store. While paid ads can get you a temporary ranking, SEO can guarantee your business sustainable ranking, and maximize your organization’s profitability.

To build an effective e-commerce SEO optimization strategy you need to focus on these tips:

  • Use transactional keywords more than informational ones. That transactional keywords lead to high conversions rates and more purchasing decisions.
  • Consider the stage of the funnel of your customers (buyer intent), to customize your keywords with.
  • Give more attention to the product descriptions. Think about what your customer wants to know about this product to buy it.

Nowadays consumers are more conduct more searches before making purchasing, and 38% of retailer traffic comes from organic search. So you need to set your optimizing strategy now, or you will leave more money behind you. Here, we in THE PORTAL agency can offer you some of our distinctive services. If it sparks your interest or do you have further questions? Please contact us for our SEO Services.

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